The Recovery Housing Program was specifically designed to meet the needs of women who have maintained a period of being clean and sober.

Our Recovery Housing program was originally created in 2011 for women, and has grown to include men who have completed our residential treatment at the Georgie Harris House. The Recovery Council identified the need for a safe housing program. This program allows our clients to transition back into a life that includes their family and community while still providing services that support a commitment to a healthy, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. All staff are licensed and credentialed.

We provide treatment specific to the needs of men and women living there.


Persons seeking recovery housing must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Demonstrate motivation to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.
  • Demonstrate ability to follow rules and show respect for authority.
  • Demonstrate the initiative and motivation to make positive decisions and understand the consequences of choices in life
  • 3-6 Months Clean and Sober
  • Completed residential treatment


If you would like more information about The Recovery Housing Programs or have questions about admission please contact our admissions department at 740-835-8485 or