March 18, 2020
Stakeholders, Partners, Referral Sources, and (PRC) Staff Agency Response to Current Pandemic

The Pike County Recovery Council, (PCR) takes great pride in the quality and accessibility of the services that we provide through all levels of care. During this very unprecedented time, (PRC) wants to keep you informed about the actions we are taking to ensure we continue to provide the services of keeping current client and staff safe and healthy. PRC is taken necessary precautions in cleaning and sanitation in our facilities. PRC has asked all employees, if they are feeling ill or having symptoms they may be contagious, to not come to work. The health and safety of our employees and those we serve is our overarching goal.


The PCR executive leadership team in collaboration with state officials will be taking the following program actions.

  • PCR will monitor all current clients within our facilities and will respond appropriately.
  • PRC has incorporated the CDC basic virus screening guidelines in residential intake packets for prospective admissions to our programs which will be reviewed prior to accepting the admission.
  • PCR is informing all prospective admissions that if they have a prospective client that has a fever or feeling ill to contact us to reschedule the admissions.
  • PCR will taking the temperature of all prospective admission upon arrival to our residential programs prior to them entering the facility. If the prospective client has a fever or exhibiting symptoms of illness, according to (CDC basic virus screening guidelines) we will refer them to the local hospital for testing prior to being allowed to enter the facility. If the hospital confirms the client does not have COVID 19, the prospective client may be reevaluated for admission.
  • PRC will begin the process of requesting 60 day prior authorization extensions for those who are currently in residential services.


  • PCR has asked all clients that are feeling ill or that have a fever to reschedule their appointment or to utilize tele-therapy, via web-ex or Alternate technologies may be utilized to ensure client continuity of care.
  • Tele-therapy, via web-ex, will be made available to those that have access to technology and utilize this process for receiving individual counseling and case management services. Alternate technologies may be utilized to ensure client continuity of care.
  • Group Counseling services will continue as scheduled. PCR will continue to monitor this services and make changes as necessary to protect our clients and staff.
  • Cleaning — Increase cleaning and disinfecting of common surfaces such as counter tops, group room tables and chairs, door handles and bathroom fixtures.
  • Transportation- PCR will continue to provide agency transportation for clients seeking services for our outpatient offices. The health screening protocols will be followed to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.


  • PRC will be following the State of Ohio and SAMHSA guidance, acting accordingly to reduce and or minimize contact while assuring the client receive medication and medical attention.