The History of the Pike County Recovery Council began in 1977 when a group of citizens concerned with the growing alcohol/drug problems in the county met to discuss solutions.

From that meeting at Waverly High School, Pike County Recovery Council was born, and with aid of using federal CETA monies, a part-time Director was hired. The first office of the PCRC was located in the Health Department and the first Director was John Gaston, who later became the Regional Council Director for all the surrounding counties. Chuck Harris, one of the original members of the concerned citizens group, became the Recovery Council’s second Director and was in the leadership for over three years. During his time as director he was able to secure funding to move out of the Health Department and also make the Director a full-time position and hire a receptionist.

Bob Orth came to work as director in 1983. During this time he moved the agency to 196 Emmitt Avenue, initiated a DUI program, and the agency became a 501 C non-profit entity.

In July of 1985, Tom Johnson was hired as Director. At that time the agency was certified by the Ohio Department of Health for alcohol treatment and 72 hour DUI residential intervention program. 1988 was the first time to certify the Recovery Council as an ODADAS (alcohol/drug treatment) facility. It was also the year that the Recovery Council received funding for the first time from the 317 Board and was able to hire three full-time counselors.

1991 was the first year that the Recovery Council contracted to provide services for Medicaid eligible clients. In 1992/1993 the Medicaid contract continued to grow, allowing the Recovery Council to offer more diverse services including transportation and child care. The staff continued to grow, offering more opportunities to our clients.

In 1993 the Recovery Council purchased two buildings in Waverly at 111 North High Street and 196 East Emmitt Avenue. We have used the 111 North High building for AOD treatment services, board meetings, AA meetings, training, and now a Women’s Residential facility. The 196 East Emmitt building has been used for DUI schools, prevention activities, AA meetings, and a Women’s Residential facility.

In March 2009, we became ODADAS certified to provide outpatient treatment at 46 East Water Street in Chillicothe, Ohio. By November 2010, we had outgrown the 46 East Water Street building and we moved out outpatient services to 126 East 2nd Street. Referrals in Chillicothe continue to increase. We have added staff, services, women’s programs, and evening hours.

On October 6, 2010 the 196 Emmitt Avenue building was dedicated to the memory of Georgie Harris, one of the original board members. The building is being used as a Women’s Residential Treatment Center. On November 26, 2010 our first residential client came into our program.

May 1, 2011, we moved our Waverly outpatient treatment services to 14572 US Rte 23 in Waverly, Ohio. Our referrals for outpatient treatment services continue to bring in new clients. Our treatment schedule includes groups two times a day, five days a week, women’s program, case management, GED classes, parenting program and anger management. We also provide transportation for many clients. Also in May, our 111 North High facility received certification from ODADAS to provide residential treatment at the above address. Our first client entered Monday, May 23, 2011.